William J. McRea

Experienced Corporate Executive,  Business Expert, Public Speaker and Best Selling Author.

I have the proven ability to evaluate complex financial and operational problems, and develop simple, effective and executable plans. My key skills are the ability to constructively evaluate any business situation with both an objective and intuitive mindset. I then devise effective solutions, and communicate these plans to all stakeholders. I take a vested interest in seeing solutions implemented, monitored and amended, as necessary to reach desired goals.

Throughout my long career, I have helped several divergent organizations dramatically grow revenues, control and reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance product quality and deliverability. I have a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Business Administration, with emphasis on accounting and finance. The combination of these two disciplines makes me uniquely qualified to be and extraordinary asset to any organization.

My Key Competencies include:Strategic & Business Planning – M&A’s & LBO’s – Financial & Business Modeling – P&L Responsibility  Project Planning & Management, Financial & Management Reporting – Operations & Financial Analysis – Cash & Asset Management – Banking & Investor Relations , Budget & Cost Controls – Contract & Agreement Negotiations – Vendor & Contractor Relations – System Design & Integration , Policies & Procedures – Continuous Improvement – Risk Assessment & Avoidance – Customer & Public Relations, Regulatory Compliance – Quality & Productivity Improvements – Organizational Design & DevelopmentA few of my career highlights include:

  • Established budgeting and financial standards for McCalif Grower Supplies 1985. Resulting in the business attaining its first asset based lending program that allowed the company expand without cash flow concerns.
  • Developed multi-branch financial consolidation procedures and ERP system to facilitate timely financial reporting that ultimately allowed McCalif to accurately report financial statements and develop strong relationships with lending institutions.
  • Designed and implemented ERP system that allowed McCalif to manage supply chain mechanics and increase profitability through vendor managed inventories and EDI. McCalif was able to streamline purchasing, minimize stock outages and increase delivery of complete orders while reducing cash required to manage inventory levels.
  • Devised detailed business plan for McCalif that included 5 years financial analysis including balance sheet and cash flow forecasting, as well as operations objectives to help the company grow to 50 Million in Annual revenues. This business plan resulted in the amalgamation of 3 businesses and the activation of a public stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1995.
  • As CEO of McCalif, investigated potential acquisitions in strategic locations throughout the US. The purpose of these acquisitions was to secure consolidated business and market share for Kord Products, the manufacturing division of the company.
  • Entered into an agreement to Purchase VJ Growers Supply in Apopka Florida in June 1996. The buy sell agreement involved borrowing money on the company`s (VJ) assets and then paying less for the assets then the debt incurred. This allows operation to invest in a $20,000,000 business without any cash contribution from our operation. The business was right sized, admin was consolidated with McCalif, and the company was ultimately sold for a profit in the fall of 2000.
  • Implement a diversification plan in fabrication of shade products, and plastic coverings for McCalif. The business also started a division that focused on the sales of perishable materials from farm to farm.
  • Successfully managed the consolidation of 13 business units through the US and Central America.
  • Managed the implementation of JD Edwards ERP system to handle consolidation, and financial reporting of all business units through the year 2000 required changes (Y 2K bug)
  • Negotiated ABL financing for McCalif from 1985-2002. Focused on accurate and timely reporting of assets and consolidations.
  • Established cash management procedure that resulted in reduced outstanding balance and interest cost.
  • As CFO for Laing Thermotech, implemented Great Pains software which allowed the company to reduce financial reporting time for 6 weeks to 1 week. This allow the company to negotiate a favorable banking relationship and reduce both debt and interest expenses
  • Prepared Laing Thermotech for sale to ITT after restructuring the company`s balance sheet to accurately reflect fixed assets, refinancing the business based on accurate cost and sales forecast, and dramatically improving financial reporting and profitability at the product level.
  • Restructured financial reporting at the SKU level down to the individual BOM parts. This resulted in cost saving and more effective marketing of profitable products.
  • Established PR campaign allowing Pulltarps to promote products based on fuel efficiency. This allowed them to increase market share and profitability. Pulltarps.
  • Developed and designed software that allowed the functionality of Word Press blogs to be automated for sub-domains. This software was the first released by McReaSoft Solution started in 2008. The release resulted in over 40,000 units being sold in 2010-2011.
  • Created automation software used for promoting products and services as endorsed products on social mediate
  • Established relationships that resulted in highly optimize lead generation system.
  • Set up all accounting, admin and payroll services for McReaSoft Solution.
  • Managed all annual audits with Peat Markwick, Grant Thorton and other major CPA firms for McCalif Grower Supplies through Laing Thermotech.
  • Expanded McCalif through opening new locations in Vista, Ca, Hubbard, Or Seattle WA, Hilo and Wymanallo HI, Jacksonville, TX Apopka, FL,  Homestead, FL Charlotte, NC and San Jose, Costa Rico.
  • Reduced debt by 75% while managing all strict banking covenants for Laing ThermoTech. This allowed the company additional liquidity and helped secure a 20 Million dollar order in Europe.
  • Restructured Laing ThermoTech`s fixed assets to accurately reflect the company`s real financial position. Negotiated with Banks to maintain lines of credit while negotiating with ITT to sell the business for the owners.
  • Designed, Produced and Published the industries first full color Catalog resulting in rapid grow for McCalif.
  • Created first digital color separation for printing purpose. Started pre-press business called ColorSep Imaging in June 1989. This helped McCalif reduce catalog distribution cost by over 50%. Business was sold to partner in 1992
  • Helped designed and build the industries first online ordering platform that was integrated into the company`s order processing system.
  • Created industry first DVD Catalog for distribution as an alternative to printed catalogs. Saved the company over 200K per year in printing catalogs.

As a leader you are constantly striving to improve results, exceed expectations, and dynamically out perform the competition.   I understand the need to do more with less and have built my career on driving effective, efficient measurable results.  I will make a difference for you and your organization.

If you would like to speak with me in regard to how I can help you grow your business, or speak at a public event, please contact me at bill@williamjmcrea.com

I also invite you to view my LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/billmcrea. 

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to our conversation.