Take your existing customer base and use them to find thousands of new customers that are just like them.

Your existing customers are the seeds to growing your business without ever having to  ask for a referral, or waste money advertising to people who are not likely to become customers.

The process is really quite simple. Just export your customer list into a .csv file (most systems can do this) and then import them into a Facebook audience. Facebook will then match your customers with with their accounts and you will have an audience of your perfect customers.

Then you use FaceBooks lookalike system to find prospects that are very similar to your existing clients.  You can even pinpoint this potential clients to a few miles from your business.

Once you have an audience of people a lot like your customers, and they are located in your business area. Simply adds to this audience. You are only spending money on people that are most likely to buy, and you can reach thousands of new prospect that are just like your best customers.

This strategy works and is a lot more cost effective than any other program.

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