Welcome to my personal website. I created this site to present information about my personal and business background that may be of interest to people seeking to employ me as a consultant or management position in their organization.

Part of the website includes my resume, and a video blog which consist of videos I created for digital marketing and lead generation. I’ve also included some personal information so people can get to “Know” the real Bill McRea.

The most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I am a family man with a lovely wife and wonderful children, all adults at this point. I am also a Christrian and take great comfort in working with people that suffer from addictions. One of the most important parts about my life is to help people on a personal and business level.

I graduated from UC Davis in 1985 with a degree in Ag Sience and Management which prepared me to manage an ag business. Which I did for over 20 years as a Controller, CFO and ultimately President and CEO. My resume speaks for itself, but what’s important to know is I do not take personal pride above everything else, as matter of fact I seek to help people and businesses more so than ask for any recognition of stature. Serving the people and businesses I repressent is the ultimate purpose of my life.

Please feel free to review my website and if you would like to chat send me a message at my email. Bill@williamjmcrea.com

I apreciate your time and wish you the best.